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A new space, powered by 5G networks, created by, aimed at enhancing the functionality of a site and developing its new IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) strategy. This site, located in Beijing, has a new monitoring system that can detect and evaluate problems occurring in a real-time space.

Η company said that system this facilitates "direct communication" between staff and machines. With the real-time tracking system, it was able to detect the location and routes of lifters and pallets as well as receive alerts if there was an abnormality.

For example, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness safety, the system could detect lifters parked in the wrong places or following the wrong path.

JD Logistics said: “The 5G system will also significantly improve the efficiency of in-house operations through smart parking that guides incoming vehicles to the most convenient parking space or through the docking bay, a digital space. connection which can make it easier to monitor the loading and unloading of trucks in real time. ”

The company also said that these actions were among its plans to utilize 5G technology, with the 5G-powered IIoT further powering applications for's logistics operations and improve efficiency across its supply chain. He said these technologies will be used throughout network logistics parks to enable reliable communication between robot, thereby reducing the need for human intervention. last October launched a parcel delivery service on China, which has enabled consumers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to send packages between cities and mainland China through the mobile app. He planned to expand service options to include different delivery times, including same day or next day delivery, as well as high-value items such as luxury products and consumer electronics.

According to, the new parcel delivery service could work with the existing one technology supply chain, which promises to deliver more than 90% of orders either within the day or the next day.


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