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Home security 7 technologies that are more prone to cyber crimes

7 technologies that are more prone to cyber crimes

It is well known that both government organizations and private companies are likely to be shaken to the point of online security. The hackers they will always find the vulnerabilities of a system to hit it. But there are some technologies that are even more vulnerable to cyber crimes and exploitable. Some of these are:

  1. AI-generated 'deepfake' audio and video technology

As the name implies, technology 'deepfakeallows users to manipulate video and audio to create a realistic feel. The technology produced by AI has become quite popular in recent years and those familiar with the face filters available at Snapchat and Instagram have experienced a basic version of technology firsthand.

However, over time, technologies have evolved and there is a great difficulty in distinguishing the real thing from the "imitation" - a threat to the technology industry. Hackers are aware of this complexity and use technology to steal information from victims.


  1. Quantum computing

Η Google recently announced its "quantum superiority" when it was able to create a quantum computer for the first time in the computer industry, another breakthrough in technology.

Although the application has no practical applications, it has raised several concerns for security experts. According to them, quantum computers can be an easy source for hackers to break encryption commonly used in transactions blockchain or credit card.


  1. 5G networks

Another breakthrough in industrial technologies that may be a vulnerability in the industry is the adoption of 5G networks. According to security officials, the fast speed of 5G devices can make a device more susceptible to attacks DDoS.


  1. The 'Internet of Things' (IoT)

As we know, the and production allows simple devices and devices connected to the Internet to communicate with each other. The use of the Internet is now a standard practice in all industries, making it more vulnerable to attacks.

For example, hackers recently breached the network used by Verizon's ships, allowing them to track the shipping address of the company's most valuable cargo.


  1. Artificial intelligence

As artificial intelligence improves, hackers are also finding innovative ways to approach technology. The programs are based on AI is a common goal of hackers that allows them to find their weakest areas and use them to their advantage.

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  1. Supply-chain hacks

Another trend discovered by cybersecurity experts is the use supply-chain hacks. During this attack, hackers enter the company's software and gain access to it servers and in their contact list.

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  1. Operational functions

Every day, more and more companies and government organizations are using the internet. However, this opens up more opportunities for hackers who are able to hack the whole thing network detecting a single vulnerability in the system.

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