HomesecurityDetails of 1.3 million cards are for sale at Joker's Stash

Details of 1.3 million cards are for sale at Joker's Stash

DataAccording to reports, researchers security found that More than 1,3 million payment card items are currently for sale on Joker's Stash, the largest online card shop. Researchers say it is one of the largest violations such data.

The leak was discovered yesterday by its researchers Group-IB. According to them, most of the cards belong to Indians.

According to Group-IB, the average price is $ 100 / card. This means that hackers will earn more than 130 million dollars from their sale.

The researchers said they have not yet discovered where all this evidence came from.

A first analysis of the data shows that the card data can be obtained through skimming devices (installed on ATMs or PoS systems).

The data was not obtained from a specific one website (via malware) or a particular bank, because the researchers found that the cards were very different and came from different banks.

"Currently, the Group-IB team has analyzed more than 550 thousand cards that are in the database data ”, the company stated in its report.

Joker's Stash

"98% of the data belong to Indian banks"1% in Colombian banks and more than 18% of the cards analyzed so far belong to a specific Indian bank," she added. company.

Group-IB said what stood out from the current card leak incident is the huge number of items put up for sale and the fact that come from only one country. They are usually sold at Joker's Stash data from all over the world.

Researchers have categorized Joker's Stash as «Card shop». This term is used to describe an online store where criminals sell and buy payment card information. They are often advertised as 'card dumps'.

It is one of the oldest card shops in the dark web and is used by major hacking teams such as FIN6 and FIN7.

Criminals who buy items from Joker's Stash usually do so to clone legal cards and withdraw money from ATMs.

The current incident is the third largest card leak this year.

In February, 2,15 million Americans were put up for sale on Joker's Stash. In August, the Joker's Stash found figures of 5,3 million customers of the Hy-Vee company. In June and July, two other card leaks became known, affecting fewer people. Those items belonged to Southern users Korean.

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