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AMD vs Nvidia: Which GPUs are better for 2019?

For years a fight has been going on in the CPUs market for which company has created the best products, AMD or NVIDIA. With each new product release, every company strives to do more and claim a new level of dominance. The reality is that every company makes a good product and that the "best" is a subjective term for players. Different needs require different cards and different budjets and mean that performance will vary. Let's take a look at their current landscape GPU and see which special graphics card is best for your wallet.

AMD vs Nvidia

Budjet - under $ 200

Depending on how you see it, claiming victory in this price range is either the hardest or the easiest. Building a gaming computer on a budjet with which the player can play a variety of the latest games has long been one challenge. When most of your budjet goes to a graphics card, the decision becomes difficult.


If your budjet is around 200 $, you won't find a better choice than the RN 590. Let's not forget, this card is a great one market. Build a computer gaming platform correctly and you'll be able to play some of the latest AAA (pronounced and sometimes spelled Triple-A) on the market on 1080p. Slightly flip the card and see that 4K is able to perform at a budjet-friendly price. Thanks to dual fans and cooling technology, 4K gaming is not impossible, but watch the temperature to make sure you are not overheating. And if you want to try virtual reality gaming, this card is out of the box.

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Compared to our latest favorite in this range, the GTX 1050 Ti, the GTX 1650 is significantly improved. Combining beautifully with any G-Sync display with fixed frame rates for 1080p games, it's a worthwhile chip. The Zotac model adds enhancements to the kernels and clock speed, as well as faster memory. That it does not require additional external power to run means that you will save energy while even playing AAA games.

Winning CPU: AMD

At the end of the day, AMD RX 590 provides a much more exciting price-to-feature argument.

Budgets - $ 200 to $ 350


If you feel comfortable with a little bit of tweaking for maximum performance, choose the AMD RX 5700 found in this price range. It has 8GB video memory and it's no surprise that this card easily handles 60 to 90 frames per second for any modern QHD running game. It's a wonderfully capable card for its price.


Like AMD's rival, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti is an awesome competitor below the $ 350 price tag. Offering performance often able to compete with its more expensive siblings, Nvidia made this card with plenty of performance. You can throw any 1080p game at it, and it will respond easily. One of the best aspects is that it has some of the best cooling technologies on the market. Add this to a powerful overclocking potential and destined for the winner's podium.

Winning CPU: They are both very capable

This is a category that is very close. Nvidia has amazing cooling technology, but AMD pulls in very good performance. You will not lose with either card.

Budja - $ 350 to $ 500


At this price below $ 500 is the AMD RX 5700 XT. Third-party gaming tests show that overall performance is 30% better than Nvidia 2060 Super. This gap is hard to ignore, especially when you are in this price range. There is no doubt that buying this GPU brings you dangerously close to top GPU performance and that alone makes it a winner.


At this price point, you're starting to think about gaming 1440p, and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super is a great choice. You're not quite ready to tackle every AAA game, but there is more power to handle eSports. If the constant performance located at the top of your wish list, this card belongs to your wish list on Amazon.

Winning CPU: AMD

AMD and the performance of the 5700 XT say it all. You'll pay a little more than NVIDIA, but for that extra cost, you get a lot more.

Budja - $ 500 +


Unfortunately for AMD, once you start looking at the $ 500 price range, things get tricky. The company is simply not competitive compared to Nvidia's rivals at the highest end of the spectrum. Simply put, AMD does not play at this level. THE hope is that one day AMD will enter this end of the market and promote competition as it has in the lower and middle price segments.


If money is not your problem, get Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti, today's king of the graphics card market. Throw any AAA game of your choice on this GPU and it won't slow down. There is no doubt that if you want to dive with headfirst on virtual reality or try 4K graphics, this is the card for you. In addition to gambling, this card is perfect for anyone who wants to try 3D models. For anyone interested in great performance, this is the best choice.


It's no surprise that Nvidia is the winner as there is no rival here. Nvidia's RTX 2080 Ti is a great card and it would be very competitive even if AMD had offered a choice.

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