HomesecurityCTF games: Suitable for raising public awareness of cybersecurity

CTF games: Suitable for raising public awareness of cybersecurity

In order for civil servants to be interested in emerging cyber security techniques, government agencies are trying to stimulate their interest through games - such as catch the flag (CTF) in different scenarios that simulate cyber risks. Bill Rowan, vice president of federal sales at software company VMware, recently said that these efforts are useful for sensitization of users.

Games inform government officials, students, or anyone who wants to get a picture of their dangers. cyberspace. The North Carolina Department of Information Technology, for example, has partnered with VMware during a government event launched earlier this month to hold a capture-the-flag game. The exercise is designed to simulate aggressive and defensive tactics that cybersecurity teams would perform in a real emergency, such as an attack ransomware.

Exercises such as the capture-the-flag game (CTF) help actively participate by raising awareness of cyber security.


"Cyber-awareness and cyber-information is everyone's responsibility within an organization, not just security experts," Rowan said.

Although technology has caught the attention of policymakers, public officials are not aware of internet security. Rowan said the technology without embedded safety in cyberspace is the dream of one hacker.