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Home security White House fires network security experts! Hackers scrape through ...

White House fires network security experts! Hackers rub their hands!

An White House internal announcement released today reveals radical changes in security organizations with many members heading to the door. Indeed, its head computer network defense part of the White House - who resigned - warned that the White House would likely face another network violation and data theft.

White House

The White House Information Security Office (OCISO) was created after 2014 had violated it by Russian hackers - a violation found by a foreigner government. In a July reorganization, OCISO was dissolved and his duties were transferred to the Office of the Chief Information Officer, led by CIO Ben Pauwels and White House IT Director Roger L. Stone.

The resulting changes have put more emphasis on convenience than on safety. The White House administration says it "cleans" information security personnel, while responsibility for cyber security is transferred to IT team. It's worth noting that in August, Joe Schatz, CISO of the White House, left to find a new job. According to the note, senior security experts have been on the run since the White House became increasingly hostile to the information security team.

“Targeted Departures”

"In my opinion, his staff OCISO is targeted by the Administration Bureau, "White House defense chief Dimitrios Vassakis writes in the note. The security team is facing salary cuts, budget cuts for project needs while access to systems and facilities has declined. "In addition, the usual hostile attitude of OCISO staff has become a key tactic for the new leadership ... forcing the majority of [OCSIO civil servants] to resign."

Vassakis stressed that the transfer of almost all the activities of the White House to cyberspace at the White House Communications Agency - a Defense Department agency that belongs to the Defense Information Systems Agency - was in "direct conflict" with the board of directors.

"Given the level of access to network and the privileges that cybersecurity staff had, I am particularly concerned about the cognitive level of those who will have the opportunity, "writes Vassakis.

In closing, Vassakis warned that given the changes made to cybersecurity parts, a successful White House attack will not be long before it happens.


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