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Fishbit will help in undertaking underwater research


Researchers at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) develop a new one method, which will allow them to study and monitor fish movements in real time.

According to CSIRO engineer James Sharp, h technology, called Fishbit, will allow fish biometrics to be measured in different environments, whether wildlife or aquaculture environments.

"You can get an idea of ​​whether a fish is experiencing any environmental stress by measuring oxygen levels, heart rate, so you can see if other predators may be nearby or when the fish are being transported after being caught and moved to cages," he said. Sharp.

"You can still see the effects of global warming, rising ocean temperatures and pollution. "Fish allow people to measure these problems and respond to them."

CSIRO researchers are developing a sound wave technology that will allow them to receive sound waves. data collected by Fishbit in real time. Sharp pointed out that existing wireless technologies are not sufficiently developed to be used underwater.

"Conventional wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and 4G do not operate in the underwater environment. "You can not use radio frequency technology over long distances in seawater," he said.

"What we use is sound wave technology because it spreads quite well through seawater. "It's a difficult environment for reliable communication, because there is constant interference, such as the propellers of a boat and other common sources of noise in the marine environment."

Other possible application such technology could for example be monitoring it security of divers, according to Sharp.

"You can have a diving watch that measures your heart rate while you are underwater, which will send the information those on board so that other passengers know you are okay. Or if your heart rate is rising it may indicate that you are in a state of panic and could also have an alarm button so you can alert in case something goes wrong.


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