Homesecurity6 threats to CCTV cameras and how to deal with them

6 threats to CCTV cameras and how to deal with them


  1. Lightning damage

During the rainy months, lightning is one of the biggest risks that CCTV cameras face. If a lightning falls on camera can destroy it completely. And a damaged camera can prove dangerous as it leaves your space unprotected invaders.


CCTV cameras can capture lightning as they are electronic Appliances. Using a lightning bolt on the roof of the building could be a possible solution to this problem. Another solution to avoid lightning damage is the use of well insulated cables and earthing system. A plastic housing above the CCTV camera can also be a great solution.

  1. Damage from people

Someone who doesn't want to be recorded by the cameras security, can easily sabotage a camera outdoors, either by destroying it with a sharp object or by covering it.


Outdoor cameras are a good thing to have are placed high enough so that they cannot be reached. For protection from stones and other objects thrown at the intention of breaking the camera, a shell can help. The metal or hard plastic frame, like a cage, which is secured around the CCTV camera, can protect it from fractures.

  1. Paint or other materials thrown in to blur them

A very popular one technique used by burglars is to blur CCTV lenses in color or other materials. Once the camera blurs, they can easily escape detection.


Position the camera at a location that cannot be attracted remotely. So he must either stop his mission or appear on the camera to be able to attract her enough to blur it.

  1. Hacking

A CCTV camera can also be hinted at. Many hacker today use their skills to do many activities. They can they hurt a CCTV camera and have a complete picture of what's going on in a particular place.


Hacking CCTV cameras can be prevented by putting strong passwords in the network Wireless. Also, you should never disclose the password to anyone you do not know well. In addition, a good practice is to change your password frequently.

  1. Voltage fluctuations

Voltage fluctuations can sometimes occur. Too low or too high a power supply can cause damage to CCTV cameras. A sudden surge in voltage can cause a short circuit and, consequently, damage the CCTV and other devices.


Use voltage stabilizers at home so that fluctuations can be managed and any damage to CCTV or other devices is avoided. Another solution to the high voltage problem may be to use a power adapter in the main house switch.

  1. Water

Any electronic device can be affected when it comes into contact with water. Water due to rain or other sources, such as a leak somewhere above the camera, can damage it.


Using a waterproof case / case for the CCTV camera can solve the problem. You should also try to place the CCTV cameras in a sealed place.

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