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Good news for developers: CLI is back

Regeneration of CLI is especially important for developers. Tools like Salesforce CLI have made it easy to build and test applications on the Salesforce platform. Similarly, Azure CLI allows you to use scripts and commands to manage and configure your services and virtual infrastructures. It is fast-learning and easy to use for building libraries of common use orders. They can even be integrated into the new generation of development tools such as Visual Studio Code.


This combination of processor and CLI is powerful, since you can write code in one window by testing it on another tab while using a built-in terminal window to configure services at the same time. There is no "jump" between applications or even between windows. the combination of CLI and processor helps you maintain the flow, reducing the risk of distraction and loss of this enigmatic but essential flow state.

One of the latest CLIs to be released is Twilio, giving you a way to manage Twilio resources without having to have a permanent connection open to the Twilio dashboard. It's easy to install, via Homebrew on macOS or via npm on node.js on Windows or Linux. You will first need to provide your account SID and an authentication token before you can get started. Once connected to the Twilio CLI installation, they are used to create and store a local API key that will handle future access.

If you use bash, Linux, WSL, or older macOS installs, you can quickly install autocomplete options. The same options are available on Catalina or macOS installs Linux using zsh. You will need to restart your terminal to access AutoFill.

Once installed, you have access to tools that help you work with Twilio. All you need is the keyword twilio. Typing it with no extra options gives you a high-level help view of the main functions of the CLI tool. You can use it to work with APIs, your account, and manage your phone numbers. There is even the option to add extras in the CLI for extras functions. For more details on each part of the CLI, use the same method to see a list of options for your command, with the help option giving you more details.

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Perhaps the most useful aspect of CLI is the ability to test specific Twilio features before committing to codification. For example, you can use it to quickly check if you have the right syntax when sending messages SMS, and buying new phone numbers. Other options allow you to quickly add webhooks to a phone number and even use SendGrid's recent Twilio shipping APIs.

The Twilio CLI plugin architecture simplifies the use of tools such as "Twilio serverless" features. Once installed, it adds tools for creating environments without servers, as well as code deployment from your deployment system to Twilio's cloud platform. Installing the plugin installs a local server for features, so you don't have to run unexpected "accounts" when developing new code.

You can also use the JavaScript application locally, allowing you to code in your favorite author based on Twilio operating standards from GitHub. Once your password is ready, a single command uploads it to Twilio's serverless environment, ready for use.

Twilio's support for command line tools is in line with current application development trends. By adding a new set of commands to the current environment command line you don't have to change your machine tool, you get extra features - either providing frameworks or giving you a way to test and manage its functionality API. What really matters is that the new Twilio tools will make you more productive and that's definitely a worthwhile goal.

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