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Discover the WiFi password via CMD commands


Finding one's password WiFi in Windows 10, is a relatively simple process, accomplished using some CMD commands. These commands work even when you are offline or connected to another WiFi network.

When you connect to a WiFi network and input the analog password, you create a WLAN profile of this WiFi network. This profile is saved to computer along with all other required details of the WiFi profile.

These commands allow you to optimize your WiFi network, such as enabling some features (randomizing mac addresses) or changing the type of wireless WiFi, etc.

In case you can't remember your wireless password network One way to access it is through its settings router your. However, because this process can be a bit tedious at times, you can also search for your network's WiFi code using CMD commands.

How to find the WiFi password in Windows 10 using CMD?

  • Open the command prompt and run it as an administrator.
  • In the next step, you want to find out all the profiles stored on the computer. To do this, type the following command: netsh wlan show profiles
  • This command will show all the WiFi profiles you have signed in to now.
  • Type the following command to view the password of any WiFi network: netsh wlan show profile WiFi-name key = clear
  • Under the security settings, in “basic content", You see the WiFi password of the specific network.

In addition to finding the password of a WiFi network, you can also use them commands to further optimize your WiFi and make it faster. For example, you can enable MAC randomization by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings and click on "Network & Internet»
  • Select “WiFiIn the left pane and click on “Advanced ".
  • Enable “Random Hardware Address”In the settings. If the wireless material does not support this feature, the section "Random Hardware AddressWill not appear in the application at all settings.

Once you turn it on, you're ready.

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