HomesecurityArchStrike Linux for Ethical Hackers and beyond

ArchStrike Linux for Ethical Hackers and beyond

Archstrike is a distribution for Ethical Hackers (and not only). As you may have guessed by the name the distribution is based on the famous Arch Linux. The ArchStrike distribution development team distributes ISO builds that come with more than 5.000 free hacking tools.

ArchStrike is a distribution aimed at security professionals and security researchers. It has additional repos with security software and is available in two versions: Openbox and Minimal on 64-bit.

Distribution offers a live desktop environment (Openbox) for those who do not want to install it on their computer.

If your ArchStrike name sounds unknown, before that same distribution it was called ArchAssault.

To facilitate the installation process even for beginners, there is a graphical installation program. The "root" password is "root" and if you want to log in as a regular user, use "archstrike" as your username and password.

Download the ISO you are interested in from official webpage.


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