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Memoji: iOS 13 turns your face into an emoji

Memoji: If you've noticed yourself lately Instagram and Messenger to release some emoji that look like normal people is due to the new iOS 13 update. Now you can create your own Memoji that reflects your personality and mood, and then you can make whatever alter ego you want in Messenger and in FaceTime. You can also save your Memoji and put it as a profile photo on Instagram and on Facebook.


How to Make Your Own Memoji?

  • Open Messenger and tap Write to start a new message. Alternatively, switch to an existing conversation.
  • Click on the emoji icon, then swipe right and click "New memoji" (add new memoji).
  • Customize the features of your memoji, such as skin color, hair style, eyes and more.
  • Click Finish.


Then your Memoji are automatically converted into stickers installed on your keyboard. From there, you can use them to personalize the Messages, the Mail and other applications.

You can create a Memoji on any iOS 13 or iPadOS device, but you need one iPhone X or later model or an iPad Pro 11 inch or iPad Pro 12,9 inch to create and use a moving Memoji.

Another way to use your Memoji beyond the sticker is to go to Messenger, start a conversation, find your Memoji on the stickers, and then tap record. You will see that you can send a recorded message with your Memoji saying exactly that you had previously recorded.

Finally, you can use it in Facetime in the same way or change different effects.