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UK: Will the age-control law on porn sites finally come into force?

ageΗ government the United Kingdom had announced in April that it was planning to establish ways to control age for access in pornography website. However, it seems that the law will not finally come into force.

Applying these rules would oblige pornographic sites to check on the age of their users and be able to prove these controls by using documents, such as credit cards, ID or passport copies. Otherwise, the sites would be at risk of withdrawing their payment services users of the United Kingdom.

However, according to the Ministry of Digital Policy, the age control law (with data originally voted on) will not apply. The authorities believe that a broader plan is needed for her protection of children. In addition, the law did not include social media platforms.

The Ministry considers that many more measures should be taken to protect them children, because so far adult content has been easily accessible to Internet.

A spokesman for the ministry said: "What we want is for Britain to become a world leader in the development of online technology that will provide security to its users."

Open Rights Group, which works to protect digital users' rights, said it was pleased with the change in government plans, saying it: "Age control for porn, as currently legislated, could cause huge problems in the private users' lives. "

"We are pleased that the government has moved away from the idea of ​​invading privacy in this way." This control could be used by hackers for various purposes (eg blackmail), since they could gain access to users' personal information.

On the other hand, Australia announced last month that it is considering an age-control plan on both a pornographic site and a gambling site to protect children.

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