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US, South Korea: Largest child pornography site closed to watch bitcoin transactions

websiteThe Ministry of Justice of USA said the authorities in cooperation with its law enforcement agencies Southern Korean closed the largest child pornography site on the darknet.

Authorities seized videos depicting sexual content with children, about eight terabytes in size. It also arrested more than 300 people worldwide related to it. Finally, they managed to save dozens of children, who were used in the video.

A Columbia court has charged one 23year-old South Korean national, by the name of Jong Woo Son, for the operation of this website. The site is called Welcome to Video and is the largest child pornography site (has the largest amount of content).

Son is already held on prison in South Korea, as he has been charged and convicted of operating the website.

The Ministry of Justice also said Welcome to Video is one of the first child pornography websites to accept Bitcoin. All users received a unique bitcoin address when they created it account on their website.

Authorities were able to locate the site administrator and server site in South Korea by tracking bitcoin transactions.. Government services used software from Chainalysis for analyzing blockchain transactions and identifying the factors and users of the site.

Chainalysis has worked with the federal government on numerous occasions to identify criminals.

Researchers who analyzed the site's server found that it had more than a million bitcoin addresses, which means more than one million users.

Son's arrest and closure of the site came after concerted action by US, South Korean and UK agents. Authorities also arrested 337 users of the site in 24 States of America and 11 others countries.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) has analyzed over 250.000 videos seized from the site.

Authorities managed to save at least 23 minors victims, residing in the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom.


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