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Home security Mozilla: Firefox 70 introduces new security indicators. What's changing?

Mozilla: Firefox 70 introduces new security indicators. What's changing?

Mozilla: Firefox 70 Introduces New Browser Security and Identity Indicators That Give Visual Extensions to Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates HTTP.

Firefox 70

The developers of Mozilla and Google Chrome discussed the removal of EV SSL indicators in the address bar in August, because the indicators do not convey anything about the security and authenticity of a site.

Google has removed the EV markers on Chrome 77 released in September, and Mozilla is preparing to do the same on Firefox 70, which will be released later this month. This release removes the traditional green padlock icon plus the name of the site owner from the address bar. The padlock for EV sites will now be the same as any regular HTTPS site.

Mozilla now selects a gray padlock for HTTPS sites and a red indicator for all HTTP and FTP connections.

As is the case with Chrome, EV certificate information is still available, but the user must click on the padlock icon to reveal the "Site Info" table.

Mozilla notes that the main disadvantages of displaying EV markers in the address bar are that users should notice the absence of the EV marker in a malicious website.

The lock-lock icon is introduced in response to its increasing adoption HTTPS. Currently about 80% of pages loaded in Firefox are HTTPS.

It's worth noting that Firefox will no longer have an "info" icon to the left of the padlock. Its functionality was transferred to the padlock.

Firefox 70 will also insert a "protection" icon to indicate when new ones are enabled or disabled anti-tracking browser functions. In Firefox 69, Mozilla enabled crawling by default for all users.

A gray shield will indicate that "protections" are enabled, purple indicates that they are enabled, and a deleted shield indicates that the user has disabled "protections" for the site.

Firefox 70 is scheduled for release on 22 October.


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