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Bitcoin 'Sextortion' malware is worse than you can imagine

The huge increase in Bitcoin prices in recent years - the price is 10 times the principles of 2017 - has caused hackers and criminals to target bitcoin holders.

The sharp fluctuations in the price of bitcoin, which remains extremely volatile, failed to stop them. hacker, who are betting on bitcoin and other important ones cryptocurrencies will hold at least some value.

Researchers are warning of a previously known malware strain called "Save Yourself", which was not only designed to try to get victims - but could also endanger bitcoin wallets and other cryptocurrencies.

Criminals are constantly using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because of their relatively anonymous nature.

Victims have become the target of malware, which claims that computer the victim is captured, they receive an email claiming to have recorded them seeing pornographic content and threaten to reveal that they have recordunless paid in bitcoin - a practice known as "sextortion."

“Malware is responsible for sending a large number of spam emails as part of a sextortion campaign, where the goal is to mislead the recipient into believing that his computer is infected and that details of browsing pornographic websites will be published if not it pays money, "Reason Security security researchers said.

“The malware uses the computer as a station to send blackmail to users and uses the processor to extract monero. To maintain low profile, malware will only use 50% of its capability CPU ... [and] can also read the clipboard data and overwrite the addresses bitcoin wallet with his own address. ”


Researchers have warned that devices infected with email malware are capable of "attracting more than 100.000 users in a very short time thanks to the malware's ability to spread".

Scammers have also been identified as being sensitive information such as email codes in bitcoin sextortion emails, which are considered to have been collected by data breaches big scale.

Bitcoin that has seen the price go from $ 1.000 per bitcoin to almost $ 20.000 in less than 12 months, helps us to conclude that criminals have started targeting cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, cybersecurity experts have also reported that criminals switch from bitcoin to litecoin, another cryptocurrency, in order to avoid detection of spam filter.


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