HomesecurityFrance's largest media company, M6 Group, has been the victim of ransomware attacks

France's largest media company, M6 Group, has been the victim of ransomware attacks

M6The company M6 Group said he fell victim during the weekend ransomware attack.

The M6 Group is the largest private company media in France. It has a lot of TV and radio channels, which didn't have any problems when attack.

The company itself announced the incident making a tweet to the official account her at Twitter. The attack took place on Saturday morning.

According to her statements, M6 Group has managed to curb the infection thanks to its valuable help in the field of security. cyberspace. This avoids any problems and interruptions in the company's TV channels, radio stations and movie studios.

However, the French newspaper L'Express reported that the company had some problems after phone lines and emails servers had been out of service until yesterday.

Fortunately, company staff responded promptly and reduced the impact of ransomware.

Entercom, the largest US broadcasting company, suffered one similar attack. In this case too, the radio stations were functioning normally, but the servers and interiors were networks stayed offline for almost two weeks.

In April of 2015, TV5 Monde also fell victim hacking attack. The attackers managed to break the television network's network and cut off the program's stream for hours. They also destroyed the sites and accounts of the company SOCIAL MEDIA. This attack was one of the largest of its kind.


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