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Linus Torvalds is not worried about Microsoft destroying Linux

Really, what does Linus Torvalds say about Microsoft invading the Linux kernel? Every time we read a story about Microsoft and Linux, we see comments like, "Microsoft is taking control of Linux!" or "Microsoft is trying to destroy Linux" or "Microsoft is a wolf in sheep's clothing and will destroy Linux".

Yes, Microsoft certainly wants to take advantage of Linux. And, yes, Microsoft wants to expand and test Linux.
But everyone is trying to do it and no one can gain control of the open operating system.Linus Torvalds

On our Linux Plumbers Conference at 2019, ZDNet's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols spoke with Linus Torvalds and several of the top Linux kernel developers. They agreed that Microsoft wants to test Linux, but they are not particularly worried. This is because Linux, due to its nature and licensing of the open source GPL2, cannot be controlled by any third party.

Linus Torvalds stated:

The whole thing with Microsoft may sound funny sometimes, but it's not. Today, it is much friendlier to talk to Microsoft engineers at various conferences and I feel that yes, the company technicians are happy and it seems like they are really working with Linux, so I completely rejected all scripts with Microsoft.

But that does not mean that the leopard (Microsoft) can not change its plans. Sure, we still hear the voices: "This is the old Microsoft, and it's just passing its time."

Linus Torvalds added:

I do not think it is true, I mean, there will be tension, but this is true for every company that comes to Linux, they have their own goals and they want to do things their way, and they have reasons for that.

So with Linux, “Microsoft uses it primarily for Azure and will do everything to make Linux to work well for them "

At the most recent a Linux kernel development report for 2017, the companies that seem to help are Intel, Red Hat, Linaro, IBM, Samsung, SUSE and Google. Each of them has its own goals and they try to do it as best they can. Although some developers are volunteering to develop Linux (8,2% 2017), the kernel is largely the work of developers working with the above companies.

James Bottomley, IBM Research Distinguished Engineer and top developer of the Linux kernel, believes that Microsoft is following exactly the same procedure as all other Linux corporate supporters:

You cannot work on the Linux kernel to have your own advantage that will help you own the property. Many companies come with proprietary technologies but need to convince themselves that they need something from Linux to help their business. Then their proprietary technologies will have to go through an open development process, and if anyone else finds them useful, companies will have to work together for this feature.

This means that Microsoft is now "forced to work with others."

Bottomley concluded:

So it doesn't matter if Microsoft has an agenda that resembles that of competitor Red Hat. Developers need to work together for the Linux kernel with a transparent agenda.

In short, Microsoft can be great, but no one is bigger than the entire Linux community.


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