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Home security Bitcoin is still Dark Web's favorite Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is still Dark Web's favorite Cryptocurrency


According to a report by her EuropolThe Bitcoin is still his favorite Cryptocurrency Dark Web. However, those trying to cover their tracks are slowly learning to use alternatives that are more focused on protection of the private life.

"While we have mentioned in the past a small shift to Cryptocurrency like Monero"Bitcoin remains the number one currency, both for legal and criminal use", says Europol in its latest assessment of organized crime operating through Internet.

Europol points out that Bitcoin's prevalence in the Dark Web economy is a consequence of its familiarity with the customer base, especially in illegal online markets.

More specifically, the attacks ransomware continue to use Bitcoin almost exclusively to extract money from their victims. And according with Europol, these attacks are the most significant threat facing the internet today.

Hard Fork has previously reported many ransomware attacks calling for ransom in Bitcoin to restore their encrypted files. victims their.

Authorities, however, have noticed a more "sharp shift" to Cryptocurrency that focuses more on privacy and expects this trend to continue as Criminals become more aware of it security.

"The main developments regarding this trend are observed in the Darknet markets, some of which also accept Monero or in some cases use it exclusively," Europol added.


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