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Veritas: 88% of company data is either dark or ROT data

Veritas Technologies, a global leader in business data protection and software-defined storage, presented the third edition of the Middle East Databerg report. The key findings underscore that the United Arab Emirates firms surveyed fail to manage Dark Data and Redundant, Obsolete or Trivial (ROT) data, which slows cloud adoption. By making 88% of the company total data, dark and ROT data contributed significantly to respondents who failed to achieve their own goals for cloud migration. While the forecast for cloud storage uptake was at 55% last year, the real recovery this year was just 45%.

ROT data

The report, which included 100 IT leaders in all key areas business sectors in the United Arab Emirates, it focuses on identifying the diffusion of "databergs" - reflecting the data culture of organizations dealing with the exploitation of data in the United Arab Emirates. The report shows that the volume of data that is either dark or ROT has remained consistently high for the past three years, emphasizing that businesses mentioned in the report have not done enough to significantly improve the visibility or management of their rapidly growing data.

Despite the enormous financial and rumors associated with dark and ROT data storage, the report highlights a decline in trust in cloud storage, with just over half (53%) of respondents believing cloud migration can lead to savings cost.

Three key issues that slow down the adoption of cloud data storage today United Arab Emirates among the organizations surveyed are:

  • Poor data management due to slow data deletion - deletion rates are totally delayed between 2018 and 2019, with only 15% of organizations deleting data weekly. Although it has been found that the public sector has a strong monthly deletion discipline, making them one of the most effective sectors
  • 49% of United Arab Emirates organizations use tape or primary disks for storage
  • About two-thirds (63%) of organizations waste money on orphaned data, while only 33% of United Arab Emirates organizations have regular procedures to recover and relocate orphaned capacity.

As a result of these problems, many of the United Arab Emirates organizations that are investigating run high levels of risk around ransomware, with about a quarter of businesses saying it could take them a week to recover from a attack ransomware. Only 55% of businesses are ready for ransomware attacks and have creation plans backup and recovery, claiming to be able to resolve an attack in 24 hours or less.

According to the report, retail and consumer organizations are better prepared for ransomware, citing data recovery capability in just two hours, while public sector and utilities companies say data recovery can take up to a week. . This could seriously jeopardize government services vital and utilities in the United Arab Emirates, interfering with the daily lives of residents of the United Arab Emirates.

Mr Johnny Karam, Vice President of Emerging Markets at Veritassaid: “Data is central to digital conversion in the UAE, but our study reveals that businesses are shouting for a better and simpler way of managing their data to benefit from it. in cloud. Unfortunately, the questioned United Arab Emirates businesses fail to realize the true dynamics of the cloud due to poor data management, creating a vicious cycle of rising IT costs and lost opportunities. The integration of one hybrid cloud model will allow businesses to better manage their budgets while taking advantage of improved backup and ransomware capabilities. In addition, the management and protection of valuable data will be prioritized, while dark data will be illuminated and Rot data will be deleted, helping to increase operational efficiency and business transformation. "

The study also reveals that more than half of surveyed companies in the UAE prefer a private cloud strategy. In fact, the popularity of the 'private cloud first' strategy has increased in the last year at the expense of all other strategies, including hybrid cloud, public cloud and on-premises. Only 17% of respondents stated that it deploys all workloads in the public cloud, while 27% maintains hybrid cloud combinations on-premises, both private and public.

"With the United Arab Emirates committed to becoming the world's smartest city by 2020, our research highlights the critical need for effective data management and protection to achieve this ambitious goal. In order to derive the true value from their data, UAE businesses need a data management strategy that helps them in the abstract complexity of their data. environments and improve their visibility, in turn making them tangible and easy to use information from their data. Anything less will not only limit transformation efforts but could also have serious financial and business impact on reputation, ”Karam added.


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