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The Bluetooth hacking techniques you need to know to protect your data

BluetoothThe attacks on cyberspace is one of the biggest problems nowadays. The hackers use many techniques to carry out attacks. Many times they are exploited vulnerabilities vulnerable systems. One category of vulnerabilities are those related to Bluetooth. Through them, attackers can gain access on the devices of the victims their.

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol. It is used for easy and fast transportation files, photos, documents between devices within easy reach.

However, despite its advantages, η technology Bluetooth also has some disadvantages related to the security of user data.

What hacking techniques do attackers use to steal users' data, taking advantage of it Bluetooth;

BlueBugging: Used when users they leave Bluetooth detectable by default. Through this technique, hackers can gain access to a cellphone phone and doing different things like listening to conversations, sending messages, etc.

Bluesnarfing: Bluesnarfing is considered any unauthorized access or theft Bluetooth information. Hackers exploit a vulnerability in Bluetooth by utilizing tools such as hcitool and obexftp. Thus, they gain access to various information (e.g., calendar, contacts, emails, and messages).

Bluejacking: Hackers send different messages into a Appliances, which have Bluetooth enabled. It's an attack, mainly through text. However, images and sounds may also be used. The Bluejacking technique is relatively harmless, but it annoys users as they receive various spam messages.

Btlejacking: This is a new technique, which allows attackers to block and get him control any Bluetooth Low Energy Device (BLE). It takes advantage of the jamming vulnerability CVE-2018-7252 and affects BLE devices with versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 and 5. Hackers can take advantage of the vulnerability if they are up to 5 meters away.

Two of the most known vulnerabilities exploited by hackers are BlueBorne and Bleedingbit. The first was discovered by security investigators 2017, and the second by 2018.

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