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Quantum Computing may be closer than we think

Lately, Quantum Computing is a field that is thoroughly researched and companies such as Google believe they are close to conquering it. In fact, however, Quantum computing is evolving at an extremely slow rate due to the limited capabilities provided by the existing hardware.

But now with the discovery of a new superconductivity material, we may finally see the coveted push that Quantum Computing needs to move on to the next stage.

Responsible for discovery of the new material, are the researchers of Johns Hopkins University and call the new material β-Bi2Pd. Its peculiarity is that it can exist in the quantum state of course, without the influence of magnetic fields to effect this state.

Yufan Li, a postdoctoral fellow and the first author of the study, said: "We have found that a particular superconducting material contains specific properties that could be the building blocks of future technology."

Quad computers work differently than classics computers that we use in our homes and offices. Unlike normal computing where information is transmitted in 0 or 1 bits, quantum mechanics allows one person to be in both 0 and 1 states at the same time. The bits, which are also the basic unit in quantum mechanics, are called qubit.

Where other superconducting materials require the application of magnetic fields to each qubit to reach the quantum state, the new material is of course in a quantum state. The researchers noted that a β-Bi2Pd ring already exists at places where electricity can flow clockwise and counterclockwise.

Recently, the IBM has announced an 53-qubit Quantum Computer that will soon be installed at IBM's Quantum Computation Center in New York. But even the dozens of quantum computers available on IBM's quantum network are not enough to turn Quantum Computing into a basic one. technology.

But the study's authors believe that the newly discovered superconducting material will bridge the bulk of Quantum Computing, thanks to the stability and low maintenance requirement of the material.


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