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Home security What are the 29 countries that are vulnerable to Simjacker attacks?

What are the 29 countries that are vulnerable to Simjacker attacks?

SimjackerSome time ago, the Adaptive Mobile Security Company discovered one new vulnerability, Simjacker, which affects the cards SIMs. of victims and gaining access to the phone. THE company posted one yesterday a list of countries whose mobile phone providers offer SIM cards that are vulnerable to Simjacker.

The list includes 29 countries worldwide. The company, however, did not name the telecommunications companies that are vulnerable.

The countries are:

Central America: Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay

Africa: C .te d'Ivoire, Ghana, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon

Europe: Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus

Asia: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine

Adaptive Mobile has revealed Simjacker vulnerability in mid-September. The hackers take advantage of SIM cards that have the Java applet pre-installed, Browser S @ T.

Hackers send a special SMS (OTA SMS) to the victim and execute malicious commands without knowing user. They can watch her location device, send messages, open it browser And much more.

Simjacker attacks in Mexico, Colombia and Peru

The company gave more information for attacks, he found.

The list, he published, lists countries vulnerable to attack by telecommunications companies that provide vulnerable SIM cards. Adaptive Mobile, however, has identified some attacks in three specific countries. These are Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Simjacker attacks can be used for many things by hackers. However, in the attacks identified by the researchers, the target was site monitoring of users only.

The security company reported that behind the attacks is a company that sells software espionage in governments states around the world.

Some have said they haven't said the name of the company because they need more proof to do so.

The Simjacker attack can cause many problems to the victims. However, Adaptive Mobile reassures them users: "The average person is not usually a target. The main goals are those related to the government. "

SRLabs updated the SIMTester application last month to test for Simjacker vulnerability. THE application informs users if the S @ T Browser is installed on the SIM card, which could make it vulnerable to attack.


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