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Razer Phone: Want a mobile for gaming? This is the choice for you!

The mobile phones and in particular the most modern ones smartphones is mostly their screen. That is why a significant number of users are choosing what their next market for smartphones will be, given how satisfied their screen properties are. Such a mobile has been created by Razer.


Yes, we all probably expected a very high quality screen to probably come from it Apple or the Samsung. And yet, today we are going to look at a choice that has nothing to jealousy with the two big ones mentioned above Companies.

Razer Phone was admittedly released some time ago, in December of 2017. It has 120 Hz and 5.7 inches display, impressive speakers and some more characteristics that make it ideal for Gaming.

Its starting price was pretty daunting, as it was $ 700. Now and after almost 2 years of release, you can find it for a limited time via eBay at Microsoft Store for $ 269, using the coupon code powerten.

After the Razer Phone, the Razer Phone 2 was released. This currently costs $ 399,99.

But let's go back. The screen of the mobile phone is 120 Hz and looks just fluid, which makes the rest that is usually 60 Hz in front of it. As for its speakers? Sean Hollister, who did one of the reviews of the device, claims it is better than 90% of speakers laptops has never used.


To be fair, though, the Razer Phone does not have a headphone jack and its camera is not the best. THE battery of course it is medium-term.

In any case, if you are serious and interested in gaming, or want one phone With speakers that really sound quality, the Razer Phone is an excellent and very affordable option.


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