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Home security FBI: Attempt to violate Voatz voting in West Virginia elections

FBI: Attempt to violate Voatz voting in West Virginia elections

VoatzLately, η blockchain technology is used in voting procedures on elections. Most believe that this technology enhances security. However, the FBI found out that last year's West Virginia elections were held attempted infringement of the Voatz application that collects votes.

The breach of the Voatz application was also confirmed by West Virginia Secretary of State Andrew Warner a few days ago.

Η attack was not successful. However, the FBI was alarmed by their attempt hackers.

Warner said: "In last year's elections, we found suspicious activity that was probably an attempt to get into the voting process in West Virginia. Finally, there was no access to the protocols security they worked as they should to protect our electoral process. "

The FBI is still investigating the incident.

According to the survey, only 144 voters had used the Voatz app to vote.

This number may sound small. But if the attack was successful it could affect the outcome of the election.

The Voatz application has been used in other areas (Denver and Utah), both in municipal and presidential elections.

The worrying, according to them researchers, is that the company (Voatz) did not want to cooperate with the specialists in the investigation of the case.

It seems that online voting is one of the new targets of hackers.

Voatz is definitely safer than using it e-mail, but the company is not clear about the procedures it uses and this is a matter of concern to security experts.

2020 US elections to use technology-based voting procedures blockchain;

One of the candidates in the 2020 election, Andrew Yang, leader of the Democratic Party, had said that blockchain voting is very important.

However, attempting to violate the Voatz application may change data. In fact, the most likely scenario is not to use this technology.


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