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Connect an Iomega Zip Drive with your Apple Watch too!

Ian Malcolm at Jurassic Park had said, "... your scientists were so busy whether or not they could stop thinking about whether they should." THE YouTuber Napabar tried to pair an Apple Watch with an old Iomega Zip Drive and may have had to heed this advice before trying. Of course in the end, he did.


Iomega is known for its high capacity disk drives from the mid to late '90 (100MB was monstrous at that time), which suddenly stopped mode and destroyed data during this process. This was because the company did not pay attention to important issues and also withdrew some material that was not durable. The fact that there is still one Zip drive is probably the most impressive piece. Of course, watching the Apple Watch access files on a Zip floppy disk is definitely a fun collaboration between two different generations technology.

The original Iomega drives are connected to computers via a parallel port cable, while later versions, including the 250GB model, were easily transferred to USB. The truth is that an Apple Watch has no cable ports either USB. So to make this weird connection between them, we used a software called Rumpus, which serves files through Internet, via FTP. A link was sent to the Apple Watch, which opened the main one browser and it seemed capable enough to open and manage files stored on a Zip drive connected to an iMac.


Unfortunately, there is no practical use of this hack. Even with the USB connection on iMac, files downloading from a floppy disk are painfully slow. Also, cheaper USB flash drives will be faster and there is much less risk of the drive failing to process and retrieve all data.


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