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Okta's DynamicScale solves the problem of app traffic!


When a company launches a viral marketing campaign or launches a highly anticipated product, should be prepared to increase traffic to applications or website of. At the same time, this brand may want to retain customer information in order to provide customers its the safest and most personalized experience possible. To this end, h company identity management Okta announced on Thursday DynamicScale, which supports up to 500.000 authentications per minute.


In addition to the new customer identity offering, Okta allows DevOps teams and engineers to test the reliability of applications at high traffic risk. Specifically, on a monthly basis, teams can test the performance of 5X to 1.000X on their existing API capacity.

For further support of DevOps and groups engineering, Okta offers to organizations a senior senior engineer floor stand with knowledge of the technical architecture of each client.

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