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New iOS 13 feature for lower data usage and WiFi


Every user smartphone, knows that in order to be able to connect to the Internet at any time, it needs to have its device data enabled, as it is not always possible to connect to a device. WiFi hotspot. But he also knows how fast data ends when he visits certain sites. However, the iOS 13 has a new feature that helps reduce the amount of data used!

The function, called Low Data Mode, works similar to Low Power Mode For the battery, and was created to get you out of trouble when you don't want to consume too much of your data.

First, you need to find the function on your device. For data you should go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options and enable it Low Data Mode.

As far as WiFi connections are concerned, they will need to be set up per connection and in order to enable the functionality you will need to go to Settings> WiFi> click on the "I" icon next to the connection you want to restrict and switch to mode Low Data Mode.

When this setting is enabled, iOS disables Background App Refresh for applications (as in Low Power Mode) and will no longer download applications and music in the background. In the FaceTime it also reduces the quality of audio and video, applications that stream media are restricted.

Third-party applications will not be affected except by disabling Background App Refresh.

It is also a great way to slow down battery usage when you are somewhere with poor signal strength.

Remember to turn it off when you no longer need it, so as not to affect its other functions device you.


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