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Home security A website was hacked and revealed the 250,000 publisher data

A website was hacked and revealed the 250,000 publisher data

The Dutch website user 250.000 user account information has been leaked after exploiting a vulnerability in the website. A hacker seized the members' data and put it up for sale - the NOS conducted its own investigation after anonymous information. The site is popular among the sex trade clients who exchange tips, reviews and experiences in his industry sex.


The problem extends beyond clients to sex workers. Issued persons themselves are also active in website. They may also want to refrain from disclosing that they are sex workers with their real names.

Data leakage includes e-mail, username, IP addresses and password. The passwords are encrypted, but email addresses are legible. NOS looked at some of the missing data, which showed that many users were using a username, but their real names are in the email used to open an account.

The hacker offers to sell the data for 300 dollars to anyone who wants to buy it. The hacker said he has not sold the data yet, but expects it will. confirmed it data breach to the broadcaster and promised to alert all users on Thursday morning. The issue arose when a technical weakness in the vBulletin Forum software was revealed just a few weeks ago. The hack took place before site administrators could implement one patch, announced for the first time on 25 September, according to

The Midhold organization behind the website realizes the sensitivity of these leaks. "It's not a leaked internet provider account, but it makes sense that you don't want people to know that you have an account here," said Midhold spokesman Tom Lobermann. "We're not happy with that."

The biggest threat to its users website is blackmail, said Arda Gerkens of the Help Wanted Foundation, which helps victims of sexual abuse. " to maintain her anonymity their".

This is not the first time that user data leaks from a controversial site. Four years ago, the personal data of website members Ashley Madison they ended up being hackers. Subsequently, many users broke up, their marriages expired, and even several suicides were linked to the data breach, according to NOS.


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