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Home security Europol warns: Ransomware attacks are getting bolder!

Europol warns: Ransomware attacks are getting bolder!

Last Wednesday, the European Police Service (Europol) said that global ransomware attacks are in recession, but other similar malicious raids are becoming more intense and focusing on more profitable businesses, with encryption data.


Europol is concerned about the rise of “self-generated explicit material” produced by underage children, who then share sexual images and video with peers through smartphones, making them vulnerable to sex offenders.

In addition, as mentioned above, ransomware attacks on individual citizens have proven to decrease, but the bad news is that they are getting bolder.

At this point it is good to make clear that ransomware is one type software, used by Cybercriminals for stealing money from online users.

One of the most significant ransomware attacks occurred in March last year, when malware SamSam paralyzed the southeastern US city of Atlanta for six days. Although hackers demanded a ransom of about 50.000 dollars, Atlanta spent more than 2.6 millions to respond to the attack. The US Department of Justice subsequently blamed two Iranian hackers for installing ransomware on the systems of US and Canadian organizations. They did this by encrypting their operations and blocking access from the owners until they paid the ransom they were asking for. Bitcoin.

Worldwide, ransomware-related losses increased by 60%, according to data Online Trust Alliance.


It seems that company data remains a key target for any type of attack. Attacks that delete data companies The first half of 2019 has already doubled and, as Europol says, focuses mostly on the manufacturing sector.

Another area that is evolving seems to be the online sexual exploitation of children with the children themselves contributing to the problem as they have more access on smartphones. Legally, as they said, when an 14year old has an "inappropriate" image on his smartphone of less than a year his girlfriend, it can be considered a sexual abuse material.


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