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ATM jackpotting raises money for criminals-TRFs are the dominant attacks

ATMAccording to a new report, attacks on European ATMs with malicious software or jackpotting techniques were not successful in the first half of 2019. The attacks did not bring any gains Criminals. Only one successful attack was recorded and profits were less than 1.000 euros.

The non-governmental organization European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST), which investigates fraud in the financial sector, found that 2019 took place during the first half of 35. attacks in banks. The hackers they used maliciously software for ATM and ATM jackpotting techniques.

"Malware was used in 3 attempts and the rest were jackpotting (or black box) attacks," according to report of EAST.

The only loss was less than 1.000 euros.

This shows that hackers have not been able to steal money with malware for about 2 years.

The ATMs malware has never brought results to Europe

One such attack occurred in Europe at 2017. However, overall attacks are minimal and unsuccessful.

Installing malware on an ATM requires access to an open port USB or CD / DVD jack. European banks, however, have taken various safeguards to counter such attacks. (malware detection software, physics safety ATMs).

For this reason, attacks in Europe are not as successful as in other areas.

On the other hand, in jackpotting attacks, which are a development of malicious ATM software, hackers try to connect the laptop to the ATM by digging into the ATM. Through the laptop they install malware on the ATM internal computer. They are then able to handle them accounts of bank customers.

However, even these attacks are not effective because they destroy the ATMs and need expensive ones tools and a lot of time to execute.

"This reduction in attacks is very good news and reflects the work done to prevent such attacks by the financial sector and law enforcement authorities," EAST said.

This made the hackers turn to other forms of attack.

One of these forms is “physical attacks ”. Criminals destroy ATMs naturally (usually by explosives) and steal the money that is in them.

However, this attack causes permanent damage to ATMs.

That's why the criminals look for techniques that can be used countless times and bring them great profits.

TRF: The new favorite technique of criminals

Η TRF (transaction reversal fraud) and skimming techniques can be used multiple times in the same ATM.

These techniques are very successful and have caused losses from 250 to 350 million at Europe.

In a TRF attack, criminals insert a valid card into the ATM, enter the correct PIN code and request cash withdrawals. When the ATM removes the card, the fraudster leaves the card in the slot.

The goal of the hackers is to confuse the machine so that it thinks the card is blocked. In this case, the requested transaction is canceled and the machine does not give the money. The hackers then breach the ATM and steal the amount requested in the transaction that was canceled.

According to EAST, TRF attacks are the most popular in the first half of 2019. In Europe, there were 5.649 attacks, while last year only 2.292 was carried out.

EAST believes that the increase in TRF attacks will continue, while other forms of attack will decrease, as happened in the first half of 2019.

Banks should find ways to deal with this threat, as they have done with malware and skimming techniques.


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