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Mirror fitness: Personal training at home with the help of technology

Mirror fitness: A personal fitness training equipment that is part of a full-length mirror and part of it LCD screens. It came out at the beginning of 2019 and changed the whole process of home training. This is an individual home gym but without a personal trainer.

So far, the main features of the Mirror are live broadcasts of fitness classes and more specifically, cardio, kickboxing, pilates, bars, dynamic lessons and more. Also though you can find some fitness videos on YouTube, Mirror has much better features as it does not contain ads to cut the process in the middle.

Mirror fitness

The device's built-in microphone, speaker and camcorder allow your trainer to see what you're doing and vice versa. Mirror trainers get real-time feedback, they can correct your movements and encourage you, just like a regular personal trainer at the gym.

The Mirror matches its clients with a trainer based on the client's preferred type of training, training style, duration and schedule of sessions. Mirror trainers then tailor each course to their clients' goals, fitness preferences and fitness level. During a session, members will see their trainer on screen, their own form and their biometric data, such as heart beat.

Unlike live and custom-made courses, Mirror lessons are much less structured. Clients are able to change course and request different exercises and activities if they do not enjoy the planning of the session.

Personal training

With only $ 40 per 30 minutes meeting, Mirror fitness's individual fitness platform is actually less expensive than personal training in the gym, where prices can be as high as $ 100 per half hour. Of course, if you add the $ 1.495 Mirror setup price and the $ 39 monthly fee, it is certainly a large enough amount for physical activity.

One positive thing about Mirror fitness, though, is that extra home members can work out with a personal trainer at no extra cost. In a gym, adding one or more participants to your sessions can cost you extra, often up to $ 50 per person and per session. Of course, the cost of individual and group training varies depending on your location and gym, but the Mirror offer is a bonus.

Why Individual Education? Mirror fitness is a way to encourage even the busiest people to commit to a workout.

"We are an experienced fitness tracker and provide access to the best personal trainers to help you, no matter where you live or how busy you are," Brynn Putnam, founder and CEO of Mirror, said in a press release.

Mirror personal training also offers opportunities for professional personal trainers to grow their businesses - they can reach more customers without the constraints of location or time.


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