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Home security Download Firefox Private Network: Try Mozilla "VPN"

Download Firefox Private Network: Try Mozilla's "VPN"

Download Firefox Private Network: Firefox Private Network is a new one virtual private network tool introduced by Firefox in the Beta. It is expected soon to integrate Firefox's private network into the company's web browser, providing an unlimited browsing experience, convenient but safe for users.

Note: Currently, Firefox's private network is only supported for US users.

Firefox Private Network

Firefox Private Netwοrk - Virtual VPN service for Firefox

Protecting users from the hidden cost of free WiFi.

The WiFi connection is free and open to all users, but it also means it opens the door ... to hackers. Firefox Private Network is an extension for users PC, helping to protect the connection whenever you use Firefox. If you are a US resident, you can sign up for the free Firefox Private Network Beta trial.

Encrypt the browser from spyware

The private network from Firefox will encrypt the web address you are visiting. Prevents monitoring services on public networks WiFi, so they can't keep track of your activity.


Restrict sites and advertising channels that exploit them your personal data

Ad channels often track your online activity based on your location. Firefox's Private Network will block sites and advertising channels to locate her location your. So, they won't be able to steal information about your preferences and interests.

How to Use Firefox | Private Netwοrk:

Get started by adding the Firefox Private Netwrk add-on to Firefox and log in to your personal Firefox account. Then use the Firefox browser as usual. Your online activities will be encrypted and sent one by one service proxy provided by CloudFlare.

Unfortunately, for now, residents of Greece cannot use the beta feature, but Mozilla has promised worldwide official release in the coming months.

Download here!


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