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Home security Microsoft: Patch Tuesday revealed almost 60 new vulnerabilities!

Microsoft: Patch Tuesday revealed almost 60 new vulnerabilities!

At Microsoft's Patch Tuesday last Tuesday, the company released software updates, for almost 60 problems security of Windows.


Fortunately, only 15 percent of the bugs that were fixed this week were identified as critical by Microsoft. The company after each repair Update points to significant defects that are critical hazards, as they are more likely to be exploited by hackers and provide access to vulnerable systems without user involvement.

In the third week of September, an urgent update was released to repair a critical zero-day bug Internet Explorer the CVE-2019-1367, which had already been exploited.

According to Windows Update expert Woody Leonhard, this security update for IE caused printer errors for many Microsoft users who used the emergency update earlier. Obviously, the fix available this month addresses these issues.

Microsoft again fixes dangerous bugs in Remote Desktop Client, the Windows feature that allows a user to operate a remote desktop as it stands in front of it. The good news is that this bug can be exploited, deceiving a user to connect to a malicious Remote Desktop server, which is not very likely.

Other vulnerabilities found in Patch Tuesday are two critical security holes in its versions Microsoft Excel 2010-2019 and Office 365. These vulnerabilities would potentially give hackers the opportunity to enter malware on the system by opening an Office file.


In Windows 10, security updates are performed all at once, and then restarted. Microsoft now offers the option if a user wants updates to be done separately, without excluding the previous option. In general, if you are a user Windows OS, you are updated with new updates, and you can determine when the update will take place.

In any case, the best thing to do is keep up to date with the updates and keep them up-to-date as long as you keep them first. backup, so that there are no losses.


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