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RecordScreen.io: Online and free recording of your screen

The RecordScreen.io website captures audio or snapshots of your screen online through your browser, completely free of charge and without the need to install any software.

To pull one screenshot of your screen, you just need to use the Windows shortcut key. If you want to record your screen to audio video, you need to use software such as VLC, or Camtasia, or Snagit etc. If you do not want to install any software, you can use the RecordScreen.io website.

The RecordScreen.io is a site that allows users to video record their computer screen, or open software windows that are currently running, or any browser tab without having to set up a program or create an account.

Simply enter the webpage, press the word "Record", select the video recording mode (Screen + Cam) or the screenshot mode (Screen Only), and press the "Start Recording" button.

Then specify which screen you want to capture, having 3 options (1. Your full screen, 2. Application window and 3. Chrome tab) and press the "Share" button to start recording. The webpage captures your screen until you press the “Stop Recording” button. You can then download the video to your computer by pressing the "Download Video" button.

The video is downloaded in * .webm format, where you can play it again in your browser. Use Chrome for full logging of your browser tabs, as Firefox and Microsoft Edge do not support it.

Using RecordScreen.io is very simple and fast without having to sign up for the service.

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