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Home security Do you often order from delivery? You may be the target of hacking attacks!

Do you often order from delivery? You may be the target of hacking attacks!

According report the company's DynaRisk, UK consumers are at risk of losing their money when using certain delivery companies such as Deliveroo, Domino, Papa John's and Nando's.


The report found that the delivery sector is one of the most popular targets for them hackers after acquiring over 1.000 files using hacking tools. The hackers enter the site of the food delivery company, using stolen addresses e-mail and passwords from customers.

Consumers using services food delivery runs the risk of becoming a target account cybercriminals and UK citizens seem to be at greater risk. According to the report, files were found, which were used to hack various accounts.

DynaRisk CEO Andrew Martin said that unfortunately, consumers often use the same credentials on different platforms and rarely examine the security of their personal data. It's a process that a hacker can relatively easily execute on his own and spread it to other groups Cybercriminals.

Unfortunately, companies cannot fully protect their customers' data, but frequent training needs to be done to ensure that customer information is secure. The businesses they must be able to anticipate and prevent threats.


There are several ways in which consumers can increase their online security. They need to use a unique password on each platform. Also, the platforms they use are safe two-step verification, where, after using a password, a password is sent to the user's mobile phone, which is required to log on to account delivery.

It is important to keep your software up to date on all devices as well as keep up to date with the ways people have been victimized in the past.


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