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Chrome a new tool for deleting third-party cookies

Google has introduced a new experimental feature in Chrome Canary that allows users to delete third-party cookies from the browser.


All major browsers have cookies controls. Most allow users to block third-party cookies, and some have additional options. Firefox for example has an option to allow third-party cookies for the browser only.

It is not so easy to deal with third-party cookies after they have been installed and most browsers do not distinguish between first and third party cookies when deleting data.

Cookies: Find what kind of cookies each web site serves

Chrome's "Clear browsing data" tool is designed to delete all cookies and other site data. But browser developers seem to have changed the tool to the latest browser available on the Chrome Canary channel. The Canary Channel is for the latest version of Google Chrome and includes features that are often not ready for release in the fixed version of the Google browser.

The function should be activated. It should be noted here that all experimental flags can be removed at any time. But some of these may be seen later in the fixed version of Chrome.

Follow the path to activate the new feature:

Open the internal chrome: // flags /, and search for Enable removing flag SameSite = None cookies
Set the flag to enabled and restart Google Chrome.

You will find the flag by opening the internal address:

chrome: // settings / siteData

Of course you can also go to Menu - Settings - Privacy and Security - Site Settings - Cookies and site data - See all cookies and site data.


Enable third-party cookies deletion. Chrome will show you an activation window that lists the tool information above.

The new option appears to be practical for Chrome users who have not permanently blocked third-party cookies. You can completely exclude them from the internal address: chrome: // settings / content / cookies.

But before you block them, you should be aware that some websites may not work properly. Of course you can always add exceptions to allow these sites to serve cookies that need to work.

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