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Have Office Word, Excel & PowerPoint save the files every minute

All recent versions of Microsoft Office programs come with a feature called Automatic Recovery. Auto Recovery is enabled by default but only saves every 10 minutes.

Η automatic recovery of Office files every ten minutes it automatically saves the documents you work in Office and restores your file in the event of a crash or if you shut down your computer without saving it. But often ten minutes is too long.

And surely all of you have happened to lose a file from an unplanned shutdown and after recovering it you don't remember that you wrote it. To lose ten minutes of work may not be the worst thing it can do, but it is not pleasant either.

What would you say if you changed this setting and now Office applications automatically retrieve every minute? Note that it should not be confused with AutoSaving, which performs the same task, but only when working on a file stored on OneDrive.

AutoRecover automatically saves the file you are working in the background. And just because it's happening in the background, you don't see any message or notification on the screen. When you start the same Office program after a crash, the program offers to restore the automatically saved file through the auto-recover feature.

Have Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint save files every minute
NOTE: In this example, we will make changes to the Word program. You can follow the same instructions to make changes to Excel, PowerPoint, and other Office programs, too. Remember that you need to make the change to each Office program individually.

Step 1: Open Word and click the "File" menu, and then click "Options" to open the Options dialog box.

Step 2: In the left pane, click the "Save" tab.

Step 3: In the right pane and in the box next to "Save Auto Retrieval Information Every", set the box to 1 minutes to force the Office program to store the data every minute. Click OK.

According to Microsoft, the introduction of a lower number may slow the Office program slightly. However, it depends on the computer and its capabilities. If you find that you think the Office program is slowing down, change the value to 2 or 5.

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