HomesecurityFounder of Darkode Forum - The paradise of criminal hackers

Founder of Darkode Forum - The paradise of criminal hackers

Darkode Forum: German authorities arrest a Slovenian citizen at the request of the government USA. The defendant is believed to be one of the founders and administrators of the now-inactive Darkode forum once described as "the most sophisticated English-speaking forum for criminal computer." hackers to the world. ”He is also accused of writing and selling one botnet malware software.


Matjaz Skorjanc 32, also known as iserdo and serdo from Maribor, Slovenia, was indicted along with three other suspects in a "closed" indictment filed in December by 2018 and made public in June by 2019 by the Colombian prosecutor's office. Skorjanc and his associates were charged with conspiracy, development and distribution malware via Darkode.

As described in the indictment, Darkode was an online malware market that facilitated the development and sale of malware. In order to join the forum, you had to be invited by an existing member. Upon invitation, the candidate had to prove that he had the necessary skills and products. A new member gains full access to the forum after being accepted by other existing members. Of course, the decision of the managers was more important. The forums Admins could revoke access for members whose behavior was deemed unacceptable.

Investigators believe Skorjanc was Darkode's first administrator and oversee its activities from September to 2008 until March to 2010. While acting as Admin Skorjnac worked with one muzzle software known as Mariposa botnet which was selling on the Darkode Forum.

Authorities believe the botnet is infecting more than 1 million computers that have been damaged.

Darkode was deactivated by 2015 from a completely co-ordinated business called Operation Shrouded Horizon. During the investigations, law enforcement agencies investigated or arrested suspected Darkode members. In addition to the 12 suspects convicted by the US, three senior members of Darkode arrested in earlier phases of the operation were found to be the main culprits.

Two of the four suspects charged with Skorjanc are still fugitives. The first suspected and only US citizen was arrested in December at 2018. Skorjanc is due to be sent to the US to face charges against him where he could be sentenced to decades in prison if convicted.