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Ocean Cleanup Ocean Cleaning System!

Dutch Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization, builds a huge system garbage collection, which will clean plastics from the Pacific Ocean. It was announced on Wednesday that it has launched mode of.

Ocean Cleanup

According to Ocean Cleanup founder and CEO Boyan Slat, at a press conference in Rotterdam, machine can be trapped by the remnants of huge fisheries tools to the smallest trash that does not exceed 1 millimeters. The cleaning system is located just below the surface of the water and moves with the currents while collecting floating plastics. As he said Boyan Slat, there is no danger to fish and other animals, since they can swim normally from below.

The cleaning system collects and holds them trash until a ship can get them. It is currently between Hawaii and California as there is a huge concentration of plastic. The worry is that this is a huge area, which is about three times the size of France.

Ocean Cleanup plans to build a fleet of these Appliances and predicts that it will be able to cut plastic by half every five years.

The new system was launched in June and after some testing and testing errors, the Ocean Cleanup team made it work properly.

Ocean Cleanup

Slat respondents said there is now a stand-alone system in the Pacific Ocean that uses the natural forces of the ocean to trap and collect plastic waste.

At this stage there are still some obstacles that need to be overcome before they can perfect the system. The purpose of Ocean Cleanup is to make the final system able to survive for years in the difficult Pacific Ocean conditions - and not only - and be able to hold the plastic for longer between pickups to make the design economically viable.


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