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Home security Google Android: Don't Ignore the Risks of the Operating System!

Google Android: Don't Ignore the Risks of the Operating System!

Google's Android operating system has been a target many times over the past month cyberattacks. It is a very popular operating system and the reason for the constant attacks is its popularity, having installed billions Appliances around the world.


Along with the malware threat, Android users are also being targeted by adware, which displays random annoying messages and can even redirect any searches to advertising sites.

Of course, one of the reasons so many users prefer and choose Android is its open-source design, which allows users to customize their operating system much more easily than their owners iPhone Apple. This is also the major flaw that makes the Android operating system more prone to attack by hackers.

Apple allows apps to access app directories after very rigorous scrutiny, while Google is having trouble adding apps to Play Store. This results in the risk of installing bad apps on smartphones before Google can remove them.

The worst, by the way, problems come from adware with 48 apps, installed over 300 millions of times on devices. Then there are the subscription scams with 15 applications installed about 20 millions of times. The sum of all Downloads which may have endangered users is 335.963.400.

Google has updated it to support all problematic apps Google Play Protect. For added protection, Google will send alerts for removal of potentially dangerous applications, and if users are concerned about their security due to specific apps, they may be able to report them.


The dangers of Android don't end there. Recently one bug managed to slip Google's control, which means one adware may have already been installed without being detected.

Of course, Android will continue to be a very popular platform worldwide, but it's a good idea to check it out before downloading any new software. The audit is summarized below.

  • Update it software you.
  • Do not download applications from unknown sites, but only from trusted sources.
  • Keep in mind the permissions required by applications.
  • Install a proper mobile security application to protect your device and data.
  • Do it often backup of important data.


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