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White hat hackers richer by $ 25.000 after finding 31 bugs!

The organization cybersecurity Singapore (CSA) gave 25.000 dollars to white hat hackers worldwide. This was October 1 October and the money given was a thank you gift to them ethical hackers for their contribution to finding various errors in government systems.

white hat hackers

White hat hackers use their abilities to help companies control their online security. 300 of them participated in the government program bug bounty organized by CSA, the Government Technology Service of the Government of Singapore (GovTech) and HackerOne, a US bug bounty company, to test 9 government systems for errors between 8 and 28 July.

To apply, hackers it was necessary to register and have them checked credentials their. At the same time, they should have signed an agreement prohibiting them from leaking any information about any vulnerabilities that they found. 31 errors were detected, of which 4 was considered to be of serious severity and 27 of moderate or severe severity.

A large proportion of them, that is, about a quarter of white hat hackers came from Singapore. Among them was the nickname "spaceraccoon". He alone found 9 bugs, for which he was paid by the 8.500 government. A few months ago, another check was made and 26 bugs were found there, but they were of a very serious nature and so the payment was several thousand more. Next month is the third round of the bug bounty program.

white hat hackers

As stated by Fifi Handayani, program manager of the government service technology of the Government of Singapore (GovTech), h government the country has now fully realized the value of white hat hackers' involvement in identifying these problems, and this is realized by the reward it offers to those involved.


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