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Spam attacks: 60% comes from the US, Russia and Ukraine

spamCSIRO's Data61 researchers did one research and found that 60% of spam activities from 2007 to 2017 have started in three countries, the US, Russia and Ukraine.

Their exposure, FinalBlacklist [PDF], includes 51,6 millions of malware reports and 662,000 unique IP addresses worldwide.

Data61 researchers preferred to create categories with the malicious activities they examined. For this purpose, they used mechanical learning techniques. Finally, they created 6 categories: malicious software, Phishing, exploits, potentially unwanted programs, deceptive services and spam.

Dali Kaafar, head of research at CSIRO Data61, and Optus Macquarie, a researcher at the University of Cyber ​​Security Hub, said their research is the first published report of its kind.

"We realized that there were no open and publicly available ones data that would help us understand the trends and patterns associated with them cyber attacks that happens on a daily basis, "Kaafar said.

He explained that there are various "here and there" reports, coming from private ones Companiesbut so far, there were no data that could be exploited researchers, data protection policy makers or data scientists. As a result, many questions remained unanswered.

The researchers wanted to find out and understand them threats at cyberspace today and how they affect them users worldwide. For this reason, they designed their own methodology and platform for collecting the data they needed.

"Malicious activity has been increasing steadily over the last decade," the researchers said. The number of reports of violations and assaults on a daily basis has increased significantly. In fact, there can be a million references in one day.

As for phishing attacks, they became a frequent occurrence after 2009, when most began to appear smartphones. 2017, 30% of the attacks were phishing.

The researchers believe that their report will advance the research but also help predict future threats.

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