HomesecurityVictoria hospitals are underutilized due to ransomware attack

Victoria hospitals are underutilized due to ransomware attack

HospitalsSome of the largest hospitals in Victoria, Australia were admitted ransomware attack. The hospitals decided to disconnect them systems them from the Internet in order not to spread the ransomware infection.

"Our priority is to restore all affected systems and prevent any further infringement"said a spokeswoman for the government of Victoria.

The disconnection of systems has created some problems as systems involving patient records have been affected. At the same time, the schedule of doctor-patient meetings has been disrupted. There have been some efforts to make hospitals use "manual" systems, as far as possible, to continue their work and to serve patients.

"Affected hospitals are working to correct the issues with planning to reduce the impact on patients. However, at present they have not access into a archives, charts, pictures and more information".

Government spokesman says ransomware attack affected hospitals Gippsland Health Alliance and South West Alliance of Rural Health.

Research, so far, has shown that ransomware has not affected patients' personal information, however, it has blocked some key systems, such as the ones that manage finances.

"The incident, which was revealed on Monday, prevented access to various systems, including financial management systems."

The Government of Victoria is working with services health, police and the Australian Cyber ​​Security Center to investigate and tackle the problem.

Security experts believe it will take days, perhaps weeks, for the full recovery of the virus. network.

ABC Radio Melbourne reports that attackers managed to bypass systems security and the controls used to protect hospital networks and computers. This is how they managed to infect the systems with ransomware.

The authorities said they would continue their investigation to find out anything related to the attack.

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