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Gps spoofing: What you need to know to avoid being hacked by a hacker!

GPS spoofing involves an attempt to deceive a receiver GPS by transmitting false GPS signals. In this attack, a radio transmitter located near the GPS receiver is used to interfere with legitimate GPS signals.

GPS spoofing

During an attack, a hacker would place a broadcast antenna, aiming it at the GPS receiver's antenna. Its purpose would be to interfere with legal GPS signals of nearby buildings, cars, ships, or aircraft. In this way, GPS spoofing can be used to understand UAV and cars or disorient taxi drivers, sailors and the drones.

How it works GPS Spoofing.

Any satellite system navigation transmits a continuous radio signal containing the satellite code and the exact signal transmission time. These radio signals are received by smartphone us.

The distance between a GPS receiver and a satellite can be calculated by analyzing the exact time of each signal reception time. The problem is that the antennas of most GPS receivers are not properly configured to respond to false signals. Therefore, one hacker can use this information to transmit fake GPS signals and force all GPS receivers in that area to follow incorrect dates and position coordinates.

This way, hackers can perform cyberattacks against web-based GPS data systems.

GPS spoofing

How to deal with it GPS Spoofing.

  • In order to avoid GPS attack, it is preferable to hide the antennas from publicly accessible locations.
  • Security experts recommend application a sensor capable of detecting interference or fake signal characteristics.
  • It is always best to use GPS signal types that are resistant to interference and forgery.
  • Experts recommend that you install a GPS firewall.
  • The use blocking antennas can help protect against interference and forgery.
  • Install antennas at least 300 meters away from the actual antenna so that GPS spoofing attacks do not affect legitimate signals.


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