HomesecurityVodafone: Its users' data leaked after upgrade!

Vodafone: Its users' data leaked after upgrade!

Earlier last Wednesday in New Zealand, Vodafone customers were using application the company could see details of other customers. S.the essence, the Whatsapp Vodafone has been created to provide instant access to accounts and to manage each user's account while at the same time provides information for calls, reward points, offers and data plans.


Another use of the application MyVodafone is to block a phone number in case of theft or even in case of loss. This is because it has information that, if leaked for some reason, will cause many problems and expose the privacy of the individual user.

For the leak last Wednesday, the company rushed to make an announcement. This announcement, therefore, said that there was indeed a violation that occurred during a planned upgrade of the app. The result; Many users attempting to log in to their account eventually log in to account someone elses. In fact the users when logged into the app they saw information about them accounts other users, and when trying to disconnect and reconnect, this result did not change. 

Of course, the problem didn't last long, as the company reset the settings in less than 15 minutes. But that was enough time for some customers to see the problem.


It is not clear at this time how many users have encountered this problem, but it is certain that there is concern over whether and to what extent Vodafone will manage it properly. error, and if their personal data is leaked.

Η company stated that their privacy customers are a top priority for this and they have made decisions to resolve the issue while keeping in touch with the users concerned.

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