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Android applications that really "clean" your device

applicationsMost users go through the process of clearing on mobile only when they realize some suspicious activity. However, clearing must be done at regular intervals in order for the phone it can work better for longer. There are many applications that promise to do this job effectively.

Here are the best "cleaning" applications for Android phones and tablets:

  1. Droid Optimizer

The Droid Optimizer is one of the most popular cleaning tools for Android. It's available on Google Play Store and currently has over a million downloads. It is very easy even for beginners.

With just one click, the phone starts clearing. You can monitor the process and view the free space and RAM.

If you are the type of person who forgets or is tired of doing this process, there is the option of setting up a tactic, automated clearing, which will clear the cache, stop various applications, and delete archives, not needed.

In addition, the app has a feature called a "goodnight scheduler" that helps save energy by automatically disabling various features, such as Wi-Fi, when not in use.

The Droid Optimizer can also massively delete applications that you don't need.

  1. CCleaner

This is the well-known desktop application. The CCleaner is also available for Android. It's not the best application one could choose, but it is quite effective.

This is an application with many functionsWhich analyze and clean up junk files, that take up space on your mobile. Can delete cache data from applications, clear empty folders, and delete various other data.

It also has one "Application Manager", which allows you to select multiple applications intended for uninstallation. Finally, there is a page with the name "System Information", which lets you track your phone's resources (CPU, RAM, device details) so you can have a picture at any time.

You can get the app It's free. It doesn't have too many features, but it does a good job if you just want to get some more space in device you.

  1. All-in-One Toolbox

Deleting junk phone files is just one part of the cleanup process. Monitoring the battery or CPU temperature or annoying ads is also required. The tool that can do all this is All-in-One Toolbox.

Deletes junk files from the device, clears the cache, and deletes empty folders. One click analyzes the device and one second deletes junk files.

The Boost function Clears system cache and closes background applications with two simple clicks. This process can be done automatically through the Boost + function, but this will be done through an in-app purchase.

There is also a function "Battery saving", the ability to bulk delete applications, advanced tools file cleaning and analysis Wi-Fi.

As its name implies, it is an application that promises to do everything.

  1. SD Maid

Η SD Maid offers a variety of features that help clear your phone.

The first function is called CorpseFinder. Searches for and deletes files or folders left on the device after deleting an application. The second function is  SystemCleaner, which also searches for and deletes files.

The third characteristic is AppCleaner, which does the same work for your applications. However, you need to upgrade the application to SD Maid Pro version before you can use it.

Finally, the app has tools that do bulk deleting applications.

  1. Norton Clean

The application Norton Clean promises to clean your Android device. Like other applications, so does Norton Clean crawls and deletes data from the cache, removes unwanted files, and quickly removes any applications you don't use. The characteristic "Application Management" makes a list of your applications and helps you sort them by when they were last used, when the installation was done, or how much storage space they use.

Is very easy in use. It is used simply for deleting files and applications, but it is quite effective for saving space on the device.

Keep your Android device clean

Regular mobile maintenance may not be absolutely necessary for all devices. Most new Android devices have large storage space and can handle a lot of data and applications. However, it is useful for smoother operation of your device.


  1. good evening when deleting applications on my phone is it necessary to use a garbage cleaner or not? the manufacturer does not take a position, it tells me that it is my issue, if I do not put it, the phone will crash;


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