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Google Chrome turns off all notifications

Google Chrome is the number one browser in the world, and it has many features to help you do much more than just a basic browsing.

So in recent years it has become fashionable for every site to use alerts. By default, Google Chrome is configured to allow websites to send notifications.

Google Chrome

What do alerts do? When you load an alert support page, you will see a message asking you to enable this feature for this site. If you do not agree, the page is automatically added to a list in Google Chrome, and if you do, the site starts sending you alerts whenever there is a new post.

So if you are one of those who are not happy to see popups, this feature will probably get you out of your clothes.

With the following options you can set rules per site, to allow or block notifications per site or globally.

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The path to Google Chrome notification settings is:

Google Chrome - Settings - Site Settings - Notifications

A shortcut to get to that destination faster is copying and pasting the following link into Google Chrome's address bar:

chrome: // settings / content / notifications

If you want to block all notifications you can turn off a simple option:

Ask before sending (recommended)

As soon as you click you should see that the function is "Blocked."

On the other hand the same menu allows you to manage the rules per site by blocking or unblocking websites by clicking on the menu (three tones) next to the site names.

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