HomesecurityRansomware: Big threat to companies, according to Risksense!

Ransomware: Big threat to companies, according to Risksense!

RiskSense is a cyber risk management company. Recently revealed the list of top vulnerabilities used in many public and private ransomware attacks businesses. RiskSense published its findings in a report named RiskSense Spotlight Report for Enterprise Ransomware.


The Risksense report contained data from various sources, such as the findings of her researchers company. Finally found 57 vulnerabilities, commonly used by ransomware and still being exploited to this day.

The investigation showed that 65% of the attacks were high value media such as data servers, while about 35% of the attacks were exploiting older vulnerabilities. It is worth mentioning that his vulnerabilities WannaCry they are used very often to this day. The report showed that the ransomware attacks on 2018 cost the company over $ 8 billion.

Risksense, formerly known as CAaNES, was founded by Srinivas Mukkamala 2006. The role of the company is to help the private and the government organizations to discover cyber risks while providing clear instructions rehabilitation for their resolution. The RiskSense technical team worked with the US Department of Defense and the United States Community Intelligence Agency to implement artificial intelligence in cyberattacks as part of the CACTUS project (Computational Analysis of Cyber ​​Terrorism against USA).ransomware


As he said CEO of Srinivas Mukkamala, the fact that the hackers exploiting older vulnerabilities and those that may have a low risk score, proves that it is very easy for an organization to target a ransomware attack.


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