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10 online sites for computer programming learning

10 online sites for encoding: You know that those involved in programming and coding do not have to look for jobs.

If you are a restless spirit and want the knowledge below, we will see how you can learn more (online) on the subject you are already working on, or learn code from scratch.


MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare is unbelievable. Lessons are available free of charge online and you can pass them at your own pace if you have more to do in your life.

The lectures are made with video, and presented in such a way to easily assimilate them. The online page raises the reputation of MIT as an educational institution.

As for programming lessons, you'll probably love MIT OCW. Quotations are divided into general imports, special language courses and follow-up courses. For a complete list, browse in the IT department.


EdX is an online free learning college student in college level courses, jointly with MIT and the University of Harvard. Courses are available free of charge, but the organization itself is non-profit.

Courses in edX can be weekly or as you set them yourself. They cover the full range of topics you can find at any accredited university, but there is plenty of material on Computer Science, Engineering and Business & Administration.

It has Import, In, and Advanced levels. EdX also offers Certification Programs.


Coursera is a free online course platform sponsored by Stanford University and venture capital. Coursera works with various universities and organizations to offer their courses and earns revenue through Certification Programs.

What's nice is that Coursera focuses on specialties: courses designed to develop your skills on a particular topic but are not as complete as a full program.

Let's say that not all lessons are free, but there is a lot that is. Lessons have fixed start and end dates, which means you only have to spend them when they are available. Today's lessons may not be found tomorrow, but there will certainly be new ones.


PVTuts is a free online video storage with lessons for programming programming languages. Not updated by 2013, but the video library is a great source for beginners.

The available topics include four general programming languages ​​(C ++, C #, Java and SQL) and six web programming languages ​​(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET and XML).


Udacity is another e-learning platform, but unlike MIT OCW, edX, and Coursera, Udacity focuses strictly on issues related to programming, data science and engineering.

There are no mathematics, there are no social and human sciences.

The goal of Udacity is to prepare you professionally in one of the technological areas you teach. The platform gives great attention to Nanodegree programs, which are compact curricula (usually completed in less than one year) and are designed to offer you job as quickly as possible. But Nanodegrees cost from 100 to 500 dollars each.

Do not you want to pay? You can avoid the curriculum-based approach and stay in the individual lessons that are free of charge.


Udemy is an online learning market where everyone can create (or even sell) their own lessons to others. This, of course, is a double-edged knife: it allows skilled people to share their knowledge, but you need to look for rubbish to find remarkable lessons.

In Udemy programming courses you will find everything from Python coding to basic hacking lessons, basically Java, to master-level web development. You will also find many games development courses.

Free Code Camp ή The Odin Project

If your goal is to become a renowned web developer, front end or back-end, then we recommend the Free Code Camp (which teaches HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React) or The Odin Project (which teaches HTML, CSS , JavaScript, Ruby on Rails).

Both sites provide free lessons, even for beginners. You have to invest many months to really understand the concepts being taught. Do not be in a hurry.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the biggest treasures of the internet. This non-profit training platform has been a great source of free education throughout the last decade. Do you want to learn math? Biology; World history?

There are not many IT departments at this time. However, you can learn JavaScript, as well as the basics of algorithms and encryption.


OpenCourser is not a training platform like the above web pages. It's rather a search engine that gathers thousands of free online lessons from across the web and brings them to your screen.

It has free programming courses from edX, Coursera, Udacity etc.


Codecademy has a range of interactive online courses designed to teach you the basics in some languages.

Warning before joining Codecademy: The things you will learn here are very basic and superficial. Codecademy teaches you how to write code, but it does not teach you how to think as a programmer. So many beginners are starting to get frustrated because they do not know what to do with the knowledge they have gained.

If you have a previous coding experience and just want to learn writing a new language, then Codecademy is actually really useful. If you consider yourself a beginner, then you should avoid codecademy.



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